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Property for sale in Ibiza (continued)

A guide to Ibiza and the property available

Ibiza, the "White Isle", lies in the heart of the western Mediterranean. By investing in the propertyfor sale in Ibiza one c can savour the cosmopolitan atmosphere which envelops its capital and coastlines contrasts with the rural traditions of the interior. Even today, one can still catch a glimpse of country life and of surviving traces of the hippy culture of the 1960s. Ibiza is visited nowadays by young people, by the "beautiful people" and by the "jet-set".

The island is one continuous party, a multifarious spectacle of people from all four corners of the world and at the same time a refuge for craftsmen, painters and sculptors, who come here in search of the indescribable light found in the Islas Pitiusas, as these islands are known here. The variety of the property for sale in Ibiza allow you to choose which side of the islands' lifestyle you would like to immerse yourself in.

Geography and climate - Ibiza is situated southwest of the coast of Spain, 100 nautical miles from Valencia. With an area of 572km2, it is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, after Majorca and Menorca. Along with Formentera and other smaller islets, it forms the Archipelago of Las Pitiusas, a name of Greek origin which refers to the many pine woods which covered these isles in remote times.

Ibiza is well-communicated both by sea and by air. Regular flights connect it with Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, whilst various Companies ply the sea routes between the island and Barcelona, Denia, Valencia and Majorca, carrying passengers and vehicles. Formentera, not having its own port, is connected to the largest of the Pitiusas by many ferries and fast launches. The Pitiusas enjoy a dry, sunny climate with very little rainfall (less than 450 mm per year) and relative humidity of around 70%. Average annual temperature is around 18 degrees Centigrade.

We have a wide range of property for sale in Ibiza, please use our property search facility to browse our extensive range of villas, apartments, townhouses, fincas, businesses and land for sale. Our database is updated daily to ensure we bring you the very latest available properties.

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