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Guide to Property in Ibiza - Ibiza Town

Ibiza's capital, Ibiza town, is a destination of great contrast between day and night. It is a reasonably unusual resort in that, for many who come here, their chief reason for visiting is the activity that takes place when most of us would normally be asleep. Yes, Ibiza Town is a clubber's paradise, adored by revellers from midnight until six in the morning! With most bars open until 4am, and the majority of nightclubs opening their doors at 10pm at the earliest, Ibiza Town is a resort that never sleeps, and yet could hardly be any more tranquil in daylight hours.

In the last 20 years or so, Ibiza has been most famous for and globally associated with its now legendary club scene. Some of the world's finest (and largest) nightclubs and most innovative 'party' hosts are to be found on the island, with much of the focus on Ibiza Town. Tens of thousands, including the international glitterati, flock here each summer to let their hair down with wild abandon, conducting a virtually nocturnal lifestyle in the bars and clubs of Ibiza Town and other resorts on the island.

Of course, this kind of holiday experience is not for everyone, but certainly should not be considered a dissuasive factor as regards visiting Ibiza or, indeed, investing in Ibiza property. Although Ibiza is so famous for its nightlife, it would be doing the island and its capital a massive disservice to proclaim that it is all there is to Ibiza, or that the island and Ibiza Town are swarming with rabid party animals around the clock. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Ibiza Town in particular, is one of Europe's most fascinating, beautiful and rewarding destinations - regardless of whether you care for clubbing or it has absolutely no place in your life. There are some gorgeous areas worthy of your time in Ibiza Town, but it is the oldest neighbourhood that steals the show and deserves centre stage here.

The historical focus of Ibiza Town is the Old Town, popularly known at Dalt Vila. Founded as 'Ibossim' by the Carthaginians is 654 BC, it became an extremely important Mediterranean trading post and port, particularly in salt. Look at that date: Ibiza Town is almost 2,700 years old, making it one of Europe's most ancient towns. It is this all-pervading sense of history that makes Dalt Vila such a joy to quietly explore at your own pace, unearthing its ancient secrets and admiring the simply magnificent historic architecture as you tread its time-worn cobbled streets.

Dalt Vila - 'High Town' - is wrapped around the hillside that towers over Ibiza Town, overlooking the bay, dominated by the awesome Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows and its huge clock. Amazing views are available from many points as you ascend from the dramatic entrance gates. When you explore Dalt Vila, take note of the volume of art galleries displaying local work, and the private courtyards and gardens giving a glimpse into daily life of the citizens of this entrancing part of the world.

There is one problem with Ibiza Town, and that is that it can be very difficult finding somewhere to stay here on holiday unless you have pre-booked well in advance or are on a package where it is included. As Ibiza Town is so loved for so many different reasons, this is reflected in the fact that properties for sale do not come along too frequently. As a heritage site that cannot be developed, it is most often resale properties that become available, but constantly high demand invariably sees them sell very quickly. If you are considering the possibility of investing in Ibiza property, whether with permanent relocation or buying to rent in mind, we would advise that you subscribe to our free newsletter service in order to keep fully updated with every new Ibiza property as it is added to our database of Spanish property. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us directly at for any further information you may require concerning Ibiza property.

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