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Majorca - Mallorca

Popularly known as Majorca - at least in the UK - the Spanish and Catalan spelling of Mallorca should be considered correct, although either version is acceptable in referring to this enduringly popular Balearic island. For the sake of total accuracy, we will use the Spanish Mallorca here!

For around 50 years now, the horse head-shaped island of Mallorca has been a favoured package holiday destination with British holidaymakers, and with an average of 8,000,000 (total, including Brit) visitors per year in the last decade, this trend shows absolutely no signs of shifting. Concerning the possibility of investing in Mallorca property with renting to tourists in mind, such a statistic should be of great encouragement. But just as with anywhere else, however popular a destination it may be, advice should be sought and care should be taken as to choosing where to buy property in Mallorca in order to generate maximum rental revenue. We at have been vending Mallorca property for many years, so can fully advise you on every aspect of your investment.

Most tourist activity on Mallorca centres on the resorts such as Magaluf, Palma Nova and S'Arenal that arc around the Bay of Palma in the southwest of the island. But away from the 'obvious', all-encompassing Mallorca resort destinations that cater for every possible need in a beach holiday, many overlook what a truly beautiful and fascinating place this is. The interior is particularly spectacular with imposing mountains, dramatic caves; lush, rural countryside and quiet, pretty villages that offer idyllic getaways in direct contrast to the often hectic resorts. Far from focusing solely on the busier locations, also offers Mallorca property for sale in many of these peaceful areas of the island. So whatever your intentions in investment in Mallorca property and preference in location, we remain confident that there will be suitable properties in our extensive portfolio to meet your every requirement.

Beyond the resorts and considerable natural beauty of Mallorca - 'the island of six million almond trees' - there is so much more, including the elegant capital of Palma. A slow-paced walking city of some 300,000 inhabitants, Palma features a stunning historic quarter housing grand Baroque churches and magnificent Renaissance mansions, but is dominated by the awe-inspiring La Seu cathedral. Construction started in 1306 and lasted an amazing 500 years, but touches are still being randomly added to this day. Just outside the city is the equally extraordinary, 14th Century circular Bellver Castle: Bellver means 'beautiful view', and that is exactly what you get across the Bay of Palma from the castle ramparts.

Add to these attractions an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, superb beaches; world class shopping, dining and nightlife, and Mallorca represents a choice location for holidays and overseas property investment, totally belying its popular tabloid press image as a cheap 'n' cheerful, chips 'n' lager destination. Mallorca or Majorca, it is an enchanting island …

For over a quarter of a century, the British have been buying up property for sale in Spain as permanent, holiday or retirement homes, or purely as investments, with Mallorca property high on the list of chosen destinations. have helped hundreds to find their dream Mallorca property from a wide range of beautiful, top value properties including villas, townhouses and apartments. Please use our property search facility to view the full range of Mallorca property and property for sale in Spain: if a particular property interests you, please contact us directly for further information.

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